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The Illuminati Protocols

1. It is of utmost importance that we think carefully about the words we use in a sentence. Words are the engine of communications. When an Illuminati says something it has to be clear and to the point. Anyone who interprets the words of an Illuminati is a fool, a parasite who seeks to pervert the meaning and value of words.

2. Aside from our own political philosophy we do not and must not tolerate nor preach political tolerance. All altruist philosophies have had their chance and have failed. To tolerate a political philosophy other than Objectivism is to commit intellectual treason; it is to tolerate and reward failure.

3. Illuminati never act on whim nor does one tolerate those who worship whim knowingly or otherwise. Whim is a gut feeling, an idea conceived through emotions without any regard for logic; such people who think they are right but do not know why nor can they explain why; they are parasites who have rejected logic and reason. Example of people who act on whim are the brain-dead and the animals and other examples are socialists/communists; such people hide behind words such as "democrats", "republicans" but all they are, are people who have no moral standards, people who try to solve problems by creating new ones; they are like a black hole.

4. The Illuminati never ever tolerates any form of welfare or socialism. Welfare and social programs can only exist in situations where the government takes from those who produce to give to the trash that do not. An example of the results of communism in practice in the United States is the welfare system which took the money of hard working people to give to the poor as a reward for being poor and doing nothing. The end result was that 38 million people were born on welfare and each one decided to spit out more parasites (children of the poor) because the Socialist United Federation of America offered them a reward for having more babies. The more babies those parasites had the more welfare money they are given. It is the duty of every Illuminati to wipe out all forms of socialism (which is communism under a different name) once and for all.

5. The Illuminati hold Laissez-faire capitalism as the only social system proper for mankind, because it is an objective system, which honors and respects the rights of each individual. Read about more protocols of illuminati.

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