Other Protocols of illuminati
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6. The Illuminati Order recognizes the right of all individuals to vote for elected officials but not for"majority rule." When a majority is given power over a minority no one has any rights at all; society will shift and change like the wind over an ocean. When it comes to justice and freedom the only majority and minority we recognize is the individual.

7. The Arts are recognized as the symbols of greatness and beauty of an enlightened human being. Furthermore, we recognize each Enlightened individual as a self-made work of art, which always changes but never, looses its value and beauty.

8. The only "virtue" we recognize is the will to obtain values through honest means. Any person who uses reason and logic to continually improve oneself is automatically a virtuous person. An Illuminati is a virtuous individual not because one is intelligent or because one has great knowledge but because one is never satisfied with the knowledge one has and seeks to gather more and to obtain one's own happiness.

9. An Enlightened individual always seeks to trade value for value; this means that whatever one desires one seeks to obtain honestly through her/his own efforts. This is what it means to value something or someone.

10. The sole duty and goal of each individual is to seek one's own happiness not someone else'. For this reason we seek to establish a world of responsible and enlightened people so that our own children who are an extension of ourselves will have the freedom to enjoy their happiness which is the sole reason for living.

11. We view all that exists as our reality. Aside from existence there is nothing but death. Those who embrace irrationality, the concepts of the "supernatural" have betrayed reality for unreality, the intelligent for the unintelligible. All of existence is what we call "nature" therefore the "supernatural" is a concept invented by morons and preached by those who seek to exploit the brainwashed.

12. The vision of the Illuminati is not to conquer the world but to free it from those who enslave it.

13. Union(s) is a communist cancer introduced into the world to deprive the honest person from running her/his own business honestly. Such organizations and all those belonging to them must be eliminated at all costs. The formation of unions have caused employers to raise the prices of their products, which in turn create higher inflation rates and introduce stagnation into healthy economies. Unions are formed by immoral thugs who seek to acquire higher wages simply because they feel like it. The type of people who love unions are those who are jealous of someone's success; the type who like to dictate to others how much wealth they are permitted to have. These types of parasites must be eliminated at all costs; they are morons who have no respect for freedom or any concept of economics or the effect their actions have on the economy and the future. Such organizations are just another form of legalized Mafia, pure and simple.

14. The Illuminati hold true that tyranny and tyrants are those political systems and people who do not respect the individual rights and property rights. To destroy such systems and people is a measure of self-defence and it is morally justified. A perfect example of such is the socialists, fascists, communists and those who preach "democracy" without defining what they mean by "democracy". Democracy comes in many forms and it does not represent "freedom" nor "justice", it represents whatever those altruists preaching it have in mind; whatever the whim of the times are. The ONLY form of government, which represents freedom and justice, is an absolute-democracy where the system of government has an absolute standard known as a constitution. Such a democracy is a "republic" because it has a constitution as the supreme law of the land and an absolute moral standard included within its body. We use the term "Enlightened" to refer to like-minded people and to members of the Illuminati Order also known as Illuminists.

15. An Illuminati is a person who loves truth and a person who recognizes reason as the only tool which leads to truth. To obtain truth we must recognize and accept objective reality and in doing so, truth becomes and is the only and absolute standard of justice. For this reason Illuminati are the only people worthy of respect and honor. (We use the word "illuminati" in the singular as well out of respect for both/all genders similar to the way we use the word "law" in both the singular and plural.)
16. An Illuminati does not recognize any nationality, race, or people aside from that which we call "human" beings when it comes to our specie.
17. To seek payment for something one did not earn is a sign of a thief. To give payment for the unearned or undeserved is to commit intellectual treason. Illuminati do not practice charity as the altruists do nor do we compromise or seek to please others by offering gifts, bonuses or flattering words.

18. People who seek to be respected by others and who seek the acknowledgement and appreciation of others are parasites who deserve neither respect nor any acknowledgement. Illuminati live justice; we do not just talk about it. We love ourselves and respect ourselves; we need not be loved by others. We respect each other automatically because of our nature, because what we stand for, because we know who we are and what we wish to become.

19. One must never be lazy to think, you are to embrace thinking as a way of life in order to improve your mind, character and well being. People who are too lazy to think are never welcome amongst us; people who do not enjoy intellectual stimulation are not much better than animals. To think is to exercise your ability to reason; to improve your mind you must feed it with information. A healthy mind is like a healthy body, which is fed proper nutrition. A healthy body with a starved mind is like a beautiful man/woman who has no teeth or cannot speak. Books, literature, science, music and the Arts are the fuel, which feeds the ever-growing mind. The day you stop reading books and enjoying life's many pleasures, that is the day you should seriously consider jumping off a bridge because if you do not, you will become a burden to yourself and others.

20. To an Illuminati, every day should be a day of celebration. Even if it is in a small way, every day one should seek pleasure in one-self and in those one values such as a lover or a wife, a child or a friend.

21. The person who opposes science and technological advancement or infringes upon such is a person who belongs in a mental institution. Without the advancement of science the future can be easily predicted; it can be said that the future without science is the end of mankind. The engine of advancement is science, which simply means, "to-know". Those who do not seek to know are the types who would embrace religions and the dream-world of the delusional. It is from the educated mind that ideas are born; it is from those ideas that theories are formed; it is the application of the scientific method to a theory which leads to the testing of the theory to see if it is true or false; it is from science that engineers get their designs for new products; it is from the engineers that the factories get prototypes for manufacturing new products; it is from the factories that the people get the products which enrich their lives and make life easier and more pleasant. It is also from science that we obtain the ability to seek out other worlds to populate or to fashion and develop so we can populate them in the future. Without science humanity is destined for destruction.

22. Involuntary taxation is something we abhor plain and simple. But until such time when the world is reshaped we need to be objective and practical. The world is inflated by parasites that cannot even afford to earn their own food; full of immoral beasts. Some day we hope there will be a voluntary tax, we hope people who are responsible will inhabit the planet. To reach that stage we need to produce intelligent people; competent leaders, persons of integrity and honour; such people are worthy of an honourable reward in the form of a fixed salary. Furthermore, to implement the principle of voluntary government financing we need to develop and produce philosophers who are worthy of prestige. Today's philosophers are nothing more than a bunch of cowards and thieves who seek to keep people stupid in order to maintain their undeserved positions and titles. They are in bed with the rest of the altruists and with the parasites you call "politicians" and religious leaders. They are all cowards and thieves, they have nothing original or practical to offer because they themselves are too lazy to exercise their minds; they are like parrots constantly repeating the same old junk. Furthermore, we must form a world government, which is to serve as the servant of the people. The way things are today; every citizen is the subject and property of the government. Today's governments are formed by tyrants and dictators of all forms and colours; they are like a private club which only the corrupt can join and those who are not corrupt will be forced to be if they wish to be permitted to play the game. Such leaders must be dealt with appropriately and quickly.

23. We must never allow others to appease us in any fashion. The person who seeks to appease is a deceiver who seeks to pervert justice and the just, to cause a just person to compromise. Those who compromise are evil; they have betrayed not only what is moral but also themselves.
24. An Illuminati should never boast about her/his success especially in front of other Illuminati who have experienced a loss or a bad period in their lives. To do so is to cause them pain and anguish; it is disrespectful and those who do such practices are without honor. If you value a friend help her/him if it gives you pleasure to do so. If you have been helped by a friend or another Illuminati be appreciative and always return the favor with interest.

25. Never ever seek to show how virtuous you are; if you are an Illuminati you are already appreciated and considered virtuous regardless of the degree you hold. Only altruists seek to gloat and show off what they have done or achieved; those are the type who have no self respect and seek the respect of others because they feel guilty for their success or good deeds. In many cases such persons are the types of parasites who have obtained something dishonestly; or have done a good deed for ulterior motives. An Illuminati performs good deeds to obtain self-gratification only and ONLY when one desires and not to be praised by others. Doing good deeds is neither a virtue nor a moral act; it is merely an act of pleasure and self-interest. Never ever remind someone of what you have done for them; to do so is to inflict pain, to make them regret what you have done for her/him. It is only the intellectually bankrupt who reminds someone of what she/he has done and those who have done those good deeds for ulterior motives other than self-gratification. Such people are immoral and should never be trusted.

26. Never ever help someone who is in need of help but does nothing to help her/himself. Never ever offer to help someone; let them ask for help if they are courageous. Those who do not ask for help when they need it are cowards. A person of honor does not feel shame when asking for help; the only persons who feel shame in asking for help are those who have no self-respect; those who are not willing to help themselves. Do not help a person more than three times. To do so is to create an incompetent person who will always be a burden to others. If you have children whom have not yet gone to college or a university, in other words if they are yet young, do not help anyone if it means using money or wealth you have put aside for their education. Your children's happiness should be second to yours and never ever risk their future to help others. Most of the time when you help others you will live to regret it. Those who suffer due to an immoral act done by them should never be helped. Do not help someone simply because they are in need; only help those who are suffering due to a situation or cause which was beyond their control.

27. Never ever cover up someone else' mistakes or immoral deeds or an action; to do so is to betray everything we stand for. If an illuminati does something immoral, criticize him/her without hesitation. To an Illuminati criticism should be welcomed not frowned upon. We are analogue creatures and we do make mistakes; criticism is an action to correct an obvious error or immoral act.

28. We must remove all derogatory words from our vocabulary especially those, which are gender specific and demeaning to others amongst the Illuminati. Bad language can never be justified and even humor, which involves barbaric statements is in bad taste. To appropriate meaning to derogatory concepts is to abuse freedom and pervert language-the tool we need to communicate properly.

29. When we use the word "society" we use it only to refer to people in general and never to mean a group of people who have certain rights. Society has no rights; it is a superficial concept utilized to simplify communications. Only corrupt politicians use such terms as "the people" or "for the people" or "society" etc. Society has no rights what so ever; only the individual has rights. Government has no rights at all, it is an entity which has very limited authority and authority must never be confused with "rights" because only private citizens have rights.

30. We hold selfishness to be the engine of motivation and being as such it is moral and ethical to be selfish. This is not to be confused with dishonest selfishness. Everything you do must be on the basis of honesty. A rational human being is selfish by nature and does nothing except for one' own interest. To deny this truth of nature is to be irrational and dishonest.

31. Every Illuminati must have courage and most importantly one must have self-esteem. You must raise your children in such manner that they have self-esteem and there can never be too much self-esteem. A person who has no self-esteem is mentally disturbed or will become one. Self Esteem is to be held as one of the highest of values a person can achieve.

32. You must always be able to defend yourself and your property. Any person who advocates disarmament of the people is a tyrant or a fool who is either a communist or an irresponsible and incompetent fool. To kill a trespasser or any government official who enters your property for any reason without the consent of the property owner is morally justified. The rights to private property are absolute and the owner has absolute authority over her/his property.

33. You must fight for freedom at all costs and in any way you so desire. The fight for freedom is the highest noble cause and the only time war can be justified. The person who desires happiness but only talks about freedom and does nothing to obtain it, such a person is a worthless thug and a parasite. Freedom is a priceless value and fighting for freedom is not a sacrifice but a noble duty of every rational being. Without freedom justice cannot exist and life has no value.

34. Never trade a higher value for a lesser one. This means that to sacrifice is plain stupid. An Illuminati is a person who seeks one's own happiness above all else. Never sacrifice your life for another nor risk it for the sake of another.

35. Freedom and Justice cannot be separated; together they equal "enlightenment" or Illuminism. Therefore, freedom and Justice are the only sacred values above all else. If you do not have and uphold these, happiness is impossible. To be Illuminati means to not just talk about freedom and justice but it means to be the very embodiment of these two values; it means you live by and for these values as the only means through which happiness is possible. A person who says that she/he is happy while there is no freedom and justice in the world, such a person is a despicable animal.
36. It is expected that each Illuminati try to write a book on Objective Law or an essay (or more than one) in their lifetime. You choose the subject of law of your interest and write. Objective Law is the only form of law, which is proper for rational beings.

37. The Illuminati Order recognizes proper revolution to be a fight for individual rights without which justice and freedom is meaningless. Any other form of revolution cannot ever be morally justified. It is the duty of every Illuminati to help fight this revolution either through actions of sorts or political movements and literature, through the media and through the re-education of the young.

38. Illuminati must never accept or recognize any form of government other than a Constitutional Republic.
39. Racism is one of the greatest evils, one of the sickest forms of deprivation it is one of the most destructive concepts; it must never be tolerated. Racists must be eliminated; one must never try to enlighten a racist but to destroy them.

40. An Illuminati holds Purpose, Reason, Self-Esteem and Goal of happiness as one's highest personal values.

41. Public property is to be eliminated in time. The "public" is a communist concept; the "public" is a fictional concept and has no place in reality. To claim that you are doing something for "the public interest" is to claim a lie since only individuals have rights and only an individual has "interests." The interests of each individual are unique, therefore politicians using this term are using it dishonestly, knowingly and willingly with the only purpose being to deceive the naïve and poorly educated. When a politician says that she/he has the interest of the people/public in mind the politician is using a smoke screen to lie to people's faces without them realizing in order to gain support or votes. Such politicians are to be exterminated. The only proper function for an official of the government is the protection of the individual, of the securing and protection of justice. Justice "for all" cannot exist; only justice for an individual can.

42. An Illuminati must never claim a theory as truth. Every theory must withstand the test of the scientific method. This includes the field of Psychology.

43. An Illuminati who owns a business of any kind must never set a company policy which ignores or infringes on the rights of the individual. To do so is to subvert justice. The individual cannot loose her/his rights as soon as she/he steps on the company' property. A proper company policy is one, which is just in every sense of the word. A reasonable policy is a just policy and an unreasonable policy is an irrational one.

44. Pride is an essential essence for mental health. It is healthy to be proud and it is honorable to show pride in yourself, but only as long as the thing you are proud of is your own achievement through honest means. In order for one to understand the meaning and value of pride one must educate oneself and seek to develop a character worthy of being proud. The fool also feels pride, but he neither knows what it means or how to express pride.

45. The Law of Logic is absolute. Any person who does not recognize this does not belong amongst us. Without Logic reason is reduced to whim worship. Every Illuminati must learn the Law of Logic and be prepared to think logically at all times. Emotions are inherent and for this reason Logic is an essential absolute if one is to function properly. Man is not born with logic; he is born with emotions. Therefore Illuminati must master the Laws of Logic and teach their children how to think logically.

46. Illuminati must never utilize pity or mercy; to have mercy or pity on the guilty is to commit treason, to betray logic and to inflict injustice upon the victim or the innocent. Justice and mercy/pity are 100% diametrically opposed. To be merciful means to be unjust, to compromise justice for emotions and irrationality.

47. Illuminati may never seek revenge; to seek revenge is to reduce yourself to a subhuman level, to give in to irrationality and the passion of unreason.

48. Illuminati must never seek peace with the enemy; to do so is to compromise on everything we stand for. Those who seek peace without establishing justice first have no right to live. Either we have justice or we have death. "Give us freedom and justice or we will give you death," that is all there is to it.

49. An Illuminati knows what it means to have an "open mind" or to be open-minded. Be careful, however, because altruists have hijacked this concept and abuse it all the time. To have an open mind does NOT mean to compromise on your philosophy and principles. When an altruist accuses an Illuminist of not having an open mind, what he really means that the Illuminist has refused to accept or embrace his whims and irrationality. Altruists are not willing to be objective because they lack the intellectual ability to reason. Being an open minded person means to be a person with an analytical and active mind; this means that you consider and analyze new ideas and does not mean you ignore nor embrace ideas and concepts which you have not had ample time to consider. Furthermore, being an open-minded person does not mean that you grant equal status to falsehood and new concepts and ideas, you will not equate such as equal in status to factual and existing knowledge. When someone comes up with a new concept or an idea they expect it to be treated as truth; this is not so. Illuminati are Practical Objectivists and not pseudo-Objectivists who, like the altruists, engage in useless discussions and intellectual masturbation but never put forth-practical applications to Objectivism.

50. Illuminati never accept truths, we only recognize one truth; there is only one true answer to every question or situation. Truth is absolute and we only deal in absolutes. Those who claim that there are no absolutes have no concept of reality; they live in a dreamland; their lives are meaningless, empty and shallow. Such people are cowards.

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